UnityGadgets unavailability

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I today became aware that UnityGadgets is no longer properly working.
I’ve finished the analyze on the root of the issue (the recent integration of Cloudflare in the website) and am working on resolving it as soon as possible.
You can expect it to go online again within a few hours, depending on how long DNS propagation takes with your host.

I’m very sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused to users of UnityGadgets.

As a temporal workaround, you can point it directly to http://unitygadgets.herokuapp.com instead of http://unitygadgets.gayasoft.ch

Manage save games in Unity without pain using NDatabase

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NDatabase LogoAs developers, we all know that save games are an important aspect to most of our games, even more so on mobile where the game can be disrupted at any time.
But how could we solve this issue? How can we store our game data in a performant and easy way without the major limitations that Unitys PlayerPrefs put on our titles?

Today, I want to introduce you to NDatabase!

NDatabase is an easy to use data storage solution.
NDatabase is written purely in C# without native code (like SQLite), making it capable of going to all Unitys platforms that can handle file operations.

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Learn how to kickstart your unity multiplayer games

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Multiplayer games are no easy thing to create, so I’m glad that I recently got offered the opportunity to write a review on Alan R. Stagners book Unity Multiplayer Games

After working with Unity professionally for over 6 years and working in the multiplayer and networking field since the 90’s, this was an offer I couldn’t deny, especially as there are only very few good to learn about networking in Unity.

The book tackles the challenge in an easy to grasp and well structured way by investing the first 5 chapters to introduce different options for the multiplayer networking itself before introducing crucial core aspects that ensure a smooth multiplayer experience through interpolation and prediction of movement as well as server side hit detection to prevent easy cheating.

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